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The Univers Font is a member of the Sans-serif typeface family, renowned for its clarity and ease of reading. Its unique features and characters made it a sensation upon its creation in 1957, and it has remained a popular choice among designers to this day.

Adrian Frutiger, a Swiss font designer and prominent figure in 20th-century typography, is credited with creating this successful typeface, along with other notable works such as Frutiger and Avenir fonts.

The Univers Font was the first sans-serif font to offer a consistent and extensive range of widths and heights. It was released by the French Foundry, Linotype, and Deberny & Peignot.

Belonging to the Grotesque Sans-serif typeface range, the Univers Font does not incorporate exaggerated features.

With the Universe Font Generator, users can create various captivating Universe Font Designs and Logos at no cost. The tool also ensures that the font is web-safe, enabling compatibility with all browsers and ensuring that readers can easily read the content.


The Univers font quickly gained a massive following after its release and became a highly revered font in the design world. During the 1960s and 1970s, the font’s popularity peaked, and many large and small-scale industries and corporations began using it in their logos.

The Univers bold font, a member of the same font family, is also commonly used for bold text design. The Univers font has been prominently featured in a variety of fields, including transportation, multinational companies, political campaigns, and entertainment.

Several notable examples include Swiss International Airlines, Frankfurt Main Airport, and a Toronto subway station using the font for their branding. Apple Inc., Munich Re, and the Bush campaign have also employed the Univers font in their logos, garnering widespread attention.

The font has also been used by UNICEF and Fox Television Stations, among others, and remains a popular choice for website and design projects to this day. Its various versions and styles are still used to create captivating and engaging designs.

Univers Font View

Univers Font

Univers Font Family

  • Univers Ultra Light
  • Univers Ultra Light Condensed
  • Univers Thin
  • Univers Thin Condensed
  • Univers Extra Light
  • Univers Extra Light Condensed
  • Univers Light
  • Univers Light Condensed
  • Univers Roman
  • Univers Condensed
  • Univers Medium
  • Univers Medium Condensed
  • Univers Semi Bold
  • Univers Semi Bold Condensed
  • Univers Bold
  • Univers Bold Condensed
  • Univers Extra Bold
  • Univers Extra Bold Condensed
  • Univers Heavy
  • Univers Heavy Condensed
  • Univers Black
  • Univers Black Condensed
  • Univers Ultra Condensed
  • Univers Extra Condensed
  • Univers Condensed Light
  • Univers Condensed Bold
  • Univers Compressed

License Information

For those who wish to expand their usage of Univers font, obtaining a license is necessary. By purchasing a license, you gain access to the paid version of the font, which permits you to use it in your commercial and printing projects.


What font is closest to Univers?

Helvetica and Akzidenz-Grotesk are the closest fonts to Universe and are highly recommended for pairing.

Is Univers a web-safe font?

Universe font is considered expensive and requires a license for commercial usage of its paid version.

What type of font is Universe?

Univers is a widely used sans-serif typeface that originated in 1957 and gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.

Which font was used in Bush Campaign?

The Universe font gained attention during the 2000 and 2004 Bush campaigns.

Is Universe font free for commercial use?

The font is available for personal use free of charge, and a paid version is also available for extended usage with a licensing authority.

Who Designed Universe Font?

Adrian Frutiger, a Swiss designer known for creating other popular fonts, also designed the Universe font.

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