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Here, we present the sans serif font family member Telegraf. Nick Losacco created this family in 2013. This family’s primary goal is to offer readability at both small and large display sizes.

This sans-serif design has a humanist aesthetic that gives its letterforms a cozy, welcoming feel. In order to be used for both print and web applications, Telegraf Font was created. It performs admirably for body text, headings, and other display purposes. Additionally, it has copy-and-paste capabilities.

It will make excellent designs when you utilize this font with the product sans font. You must use its other typeface, Akira, which has the same qualities if you want more traditional features. There are standard and bold weights to this fantastic typeface. Along with Cyrillic, it supports all significant Latin-based languages. This font family generation function is excellent for graphic creations.


This fantastic typeface is utilized in numerous projects, including magazine headings, logos, and branding, as well as the headlines of news websites. This typeface is employed in a variety of print designs, including book covers and product packaging. Use Noto sans font in combination with this fantastic font family if you want to catch the attention of your customers and visitors.

This typeface works well for body text and is appropriate for both print and web applications. Both TTF and OTF files are offered for this contemporary typeface. This typeface can also be used in your own designs, such as posters, flyers, and other printed materials. It works nicely for posts on social media.

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Telegraf Font

Telegraf Font Family

  • Telegraf Regular

License Information

It is free for personal use but this font cannot be used commercially. If you want to use it for commercial purposes so for that reason either you have to contact the author for permission to use it or you have to purchase the license.

Telegraf Font Free

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Downloading this font style design is simple and quick. Begin the process by clicking the download button below.


Font FAQs!

What type of font is Telegraf?

This elegant typeface is a sans-serif font. Its letterforms have a humanist aesthetic, which gives it a welcoming and inviting appearance.

How can I get Telegraf Font to download?

This typeface is available for download from our website. Simply click the “Download” button to begin downloading the font to your computer.

Is the personal usage of Telegraf Font free?

This family is available for private and domestic tasks, yes. However, you must get a license from the owner if you intend to use it commercially.

What is the Telegraf Font generating tool?

This typeface will offer an online tool that is very beneficial for all kinds of vibrant graphic design.

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