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The Space Font is a one-of-a-kind typeface that combines elegant design elements to create a vintage and modern feel. It has become a popular choice for various design projects such as posters, headers, and printing designs.

The creator of this font has also developed another typeface called Arimo, which has a modern and unconventional style that works well in a range of graphic design projects. It is available for use with attribution.

For those looking for a more sophisticated alternative to Proxima Nova, Apercu is an excellent choice. Although not your typical sans-serif font, when used correctly, it can elevate your design projects to the next level.

Another unique typeface is the Retro Space Typeface, which is based on real brush stroke textures, giving Salted Mocha a playful touch that can add personality and character to your designs.


Featuring a creative design with a vintage vibe, the Space Font family includes separate stylistic levels for both display and text use. But for those seeking even more quirkiness, there is a font called Glorious Bastard that may fit the bill.

For a space-themed font with both uppercase and lowercase letters and plenty of glyphs, Modern Space Typeface is a great choice. Inspired by the signage on jeepneys and other public transportation vehicles, it is available in eight weights plus matching italics, making it versatile for both personal and commercial projects.

Whether you are designing a poster, a website header, or any other project that requires a unique touch, the Space Jam Typeface is sure to meet your needs. With a speedy download and compatibility with software like Photoshop and Microsoft Word, this lovely Space Woozies Typeface can help you create perfect designs in no time.

Space Font View

Space Font

Space Font Family

This font family does not consist of a specific font. There are many different fonts in this category:

  • Orbitron Font
  • Nexa Rust Font
  • Moon Font
  • Stellar Font
  • Space Age Font
  • Future X Font
  • Space Mono Font
  • Kabel Font
  • Proxima Nova Font
  • Hemi Head 426 Font

License Information

This font can be downloaded for personal use for free. However, if you intend to use it for commercial purposes, please be aware that a paid license is required. The font owner’s website offers the option to purchase the license directly.

Space Font Free

Download Now

To use this font in personal designs, we provide a free version of this font that you can download onto your operating system by clicking on the download link provided below.



What is Space font and what is its unique feature?
This is a typeface that features a creative design with an antique vibe. Its unique feature is that it gives a vintage and modern design.

In what kind of design projects is Space font trending nowadays?

It is trending nowadays in various design projects such as posters, headers, and printing designs.

What inspired the design of the Modern Space typeface?
The design of the Modern Space typeface was inspired by the jeepney signs displayed behind the windshield of public transport vehicles in the Philippines.

What are the weights and glyphs available in space font?
This font is available in eight weights and has plenty of glyphs, both uppercase, and lowercase, that can be used for personal and commercial projects.

Is the free version of Space font available for commercial use?
The free version of this font is perfect for personal design purposes and can be downloaded for free. However, for commercial use, a license must be purchased.

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