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Resty Font was created by C.J. Dunn in 2017. It is a script typeface designed for code editors and other software development tools. The font includes support for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Hebrew characters.

This font was inspired by the work of Raph Levien, who created the DejaVu script typeface. The name “Resty” is a play on the word “DejaVu,” which means “already seen.” The fonts are available in three weights: regular, bold, and italic. The italic version is designed to be used for code comments.

This Font is designed to be easy to read in small sizes. The letters are wide and spaced out, and the curves are very subtle. This makes the font ideal for use in code editors, where space is often limited. If you want to pair the typeface and gain much more effect on your designs then use arabella font in your practical designs.

Where to Use Resty Font?

Resty Font is perfect for use in code editors and other software development tools. The font includes support for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Hebrew characters. This font contains a set of ligatures and swashes as well. You can use it for branding, advertising, packaging, posters, headlines, and much more.

You can mix the typeface with others and can be used as a pairing with amazone font a basic sans serif category font you can download free from our web portal. Many designers also use this font in adobe photoshop to design or create logos.

This font is also commonly used in advertising and headlines. This font style is also very good for its copy paste function. The name “Resty” is derived from the French word for “modern”, which perfectly describes this stylish typeface. Despite its modern look, Resty has a long history dating back to the early twentieth century.

Resty Font View

Resty Font

License Information

You can use free this typeface with a limited font family in your personal projects. You can use its whole family in your commercial project but you will have first to purchase its paid version.

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Resty Font Family

  • Resty Font


Is Resty a humanist font?

Yes, Resty is considered a humanist typeface. This means that the shapes of the letters are based on traditional calligraphy.

What is the file extension for Resty?

The file extension for this font is .otf (OpenType Font). This file format is supported by all major operating systems and software programs.

Is Resty Font good for a magazine cover?

This Font is an excellent choice for magazine covers. Its clean, modern look makes it perfect for headlines and other attention-grabbing text.

How do I install the Resty font on my computer?

Installing fonts on a Windows computer is a very simple process. First, you need to download this font file. Once the file has finished downloading, double-click on it to open it. This will open the Fonts window, where you can preview the font and install it.

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