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The Kit Kat Font, which is used on Kit Kat packaging, is a highly sought-after typeface due to its unique and modern design. It was created by the prestigious British type foundry Sharp Type in 2017. This type foundry is known for its exceptional design and production of high-quality typefaces for both digital and print use.

This font has a distinctive and eye-catching design that sets it apart from other fancy typefaces. Its thin weight and tall x-height make it highly recognizable. The letters are wider and have a slightly condensed appearance, which gives it a contemporary feel. It bears a resemblance to the Comfortaa font, and artists can create stunning works and illusions with the help of this font.

However, it’s worth noting that this font has a limited character set, including only uppercase letters, numbers, and a few symbols. Despite this limitation, it remains a great option if you’re seeking a modern typeface with a unique design. Its aesthetic appeal has made it highly popular among graphic designers and artists alike.


The Kit Kat Typeface is a font that can be used in many ways, such as on packaging, websites, logos, and even in Word software for assignments or presentations. It’s a great font if you want to add some style to your designs.

This font is often used in advertising and product labeling, and the Kit Kat glyph is even used in the official Kit Kat logo. You can also pair this typeface with other fonts like Gotham black Font, which has a similar style.

Another great thing about this typeface is that it’s easy to copy and paste. You can use a generator tool to create your own unique and custom font for your website or blog. This tool can make many different types of fonts, from simple to complex, and with or without the little lines on top of the letters.

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Kit Kat Font

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The typeface you’re using is just a demo version, which means you can only use it for your personal projects. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, like on products you sell or in advertising, you need to buy the paid version or get permission from the author.


What Font is Kit Kat written in?

The font used in the Kit Kat logo is quite similar to Futura Bold. The main difference between the two fonts is the letter “K” in Kit Kat, which has a small tail at the bottom that Futura doesn’t have.

Is Kit Kat a monospaced surface?

The Kit Kat font is not a monospaced font. Although the letters are evenly spaced, they are not all the same width.

Is Kit Kat texture easy to read?

The font is easy to read because the letters are evenly spaced and the shapes are simple and clear.

Is Kit Kat a paid surface?

This font is only free for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes unless you get permission from the author.

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