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The Impact font was first made available to the public by an English company called Stephenson Blake in 1965. Since then, it has become a very popular font. It is called the Impact font because it makes a big impact in designs. You may have seen it used in internet memes, and it is sometimes called the “Meme font.”

The Impact font is a simple sans-serif font without many extra features. It was popular in the 1960s for being bold, condensed, and sans-serif. It is also included in many computer systems.

You can use the Impact Font Generator, also known as the Meme Generator, to make fun and eye-catching designs and logos for free. A font called Compacta is similar to Impact. This generator also helps make the font usable for the web, which is important for many projects.


The history of the Impact font goes back to a time when metal typecasting was becoming less popular. It was designed to have a strong impact with condensed letters, thick lines, and small spaces between letters. It has a large X-height, short letters that go above the line, and even shorter letters that go below the line.

The lowercase letters of this font can be hard to read in printed form, especially for people with poor eyesight. It is best used for display purposes instead of in body text. When it was first made, it only came in one style. But in 2002, an italic style was added.

In the 1960s, bold and condensed fonts became popular, and the Impact font fit right in with the trend. The designer of the font said that it was created to use as much ink on the paper as possible.

There have been different versions of the Impact font. The regular version was released in 1965. Then, in 1967, two more versions were made: Outline and Condensed.


This font is often associated with memes. It was popularized at the end of the era of metal type and phototypesetting, and it was one of the last metal typefaces created by Geoffrey Lee. On Windows and Mac, it is a default font.

This font has been used in many places, such as on the cover of Slam Magazine, an American basketball magazine. It was also used in the logo for an American supernatural movie in 1983. The German band Beyond and Black also experimented with this font.

Taylor Swift and Aretha Franklin both used this font in their music. It was also used in the Sunday paper of Issue 5. The Impact font is widely used in memes on the internet. It was also used in the Lol Cat meme.

Some universities have used this font in their logos, such as Aalto University in Finland. This font is used in many places and can be seen every day. It can be used for headings and titles on websites, and it is popular for displays.

Impact Font View

Impact Font

Impact Font Family

This font is available in the following weights:

  • Regular
  • Outline
  • Condensed
  • Light Italic
  • Book Italic
  • Medium Italic
  • SemiBold Italic
  • Bold Italic
  • ExtraBold Italic
  • Heavy Italic
  • Ultra Italic

The original version of this font, released in 1965, was only available in the Regular weight. The Outline and Condensed weights were added later in 1967.

License Information

You can buy the full version of this font with a license. You can get the license from different websites. With the license, you can use the font for business, printing, and digital projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your designs stand out with this font.

Impact Font Free

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Use a special font called Impact font to make your projects look even better! It’s free to use for personal projects and has special features that designers love. You can download it easily for your Windows or Mac computer and use the upper and lower case letters for free. Make your designs stand out with this font.



What Type of Font Is Impact?

This is a typeface made of metal created by Geoffrey Lee. It is probably the last set of metal designs he made. It is good for making printed materials but not for small texts.

Is Impact a Free Font for Commercial Use?

You can use it for free for personal, educational, or non-profit projects. If you want to use it for business, you need to buy a license.

Why Is Impact the Meme Font?

This font has always been popular because of its thick letters. It became even more popular when it was used in memes.

Who Designed Impact Font?

Geoffrey Lee made the font, and a company called Stephenson Blake released it in 1965.

What Fonts Are Similar to Impact?

Other similar fonts are Compacta and Roboto.

What Is Impact Font Generator?

There is a website that lets you make logos with this font and makes it work with your web browser for free.


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