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Gotham font is a well-known geometric sans-serif typeface family, designed by American Tobias Frere-Jones in the early 2000s. Its letterform was influenced by the architectural signage designs of the mid-twentieth century, resulting in a broad design with wide apertures and a normal high x-height.

Despite being a relatively unknown fact, Gotham is one of the most widely used typefaces in the font industry, beloved by many web designers for its versatile and stylish appearance.

Gotham is recognized for its use in Adobe software and font generator functions. It gained widespread popularity due to its prominent use in various campaigns, including Barack Obama’s “Hope” campaign, elevating it to the height of its popularity. It has a similar look to the Optima font.

The popularity of Gotham stems from its unique and creative design, making it a go-to choice for designers looking to add a touch of professionalism and user-friendliness to their projects. If you’re looking to take your projects to the next level, with a font that stands out, now may be the perfect time to consider using Gotham.


It has a long list of applications and is widely used in various areas. Its popularity skyrocketed after being utilized in Barack Obama’s 2008 “Hope” campaign. The typeface can be used to create a wide range of designs, including logos, websites, book covers, product packaging, business cards, invitation cards, banners, brochures, posters, presentations, homeware designs, and many others.

This typeface also comes with an online generator tool, which allows you to convert any text style into the Gotham texture. The conversion process is online, eliminating the need to download any files. This typeface is ideal for pairing purposes and can add a touch of sophistication to modern designs when combined with its light weight.

Gotham Font View

Gotham Font

Gotham Font Family

This font family includes the following font styles:

  • Gotham Thin
  • Gotham Thin Italic
  • Gotham Light
  • Gotham Light Italic
  • Gotham Book
  • Gotham Book Italic
  • Gotham Medium
  • Gotham Medium Italic
  • Gotham Bold
  • Gotham Bold Italic
  • Gotham Black
  • Gotham Black Italic
  • Gotham Ultra
  • Gotham Ultra Italic
  • Gotham Narrow
  • Gotham Narrow Bold
  • Gotham Narrow Light

License Information

For personal projects, you can use a limited font family of this font for free. However, if you wish to use its full font family in a commercial project, you must purchase its paid version.

Gotham Font Free

Download Now

If you’re searching for a free version of this font to use in your personal projects, simply click the “Download Now” button below to get it for free on your computer. For commercial projects, it’s necessary to obtain a licensed version.



Is Gotham a Free Font?

This font can be used for personal projects in its free version. However, a license must be purchased for commercial use.

What Font Is Gotham Similar To?

This is not the only font with a similar design and creativity, other fonts such as Inter Font and Montserrat font are also similar.

Is Gotham a Web Font?

It is a web font that can be used for graphic design purposes.

How to Get Gotham Font

You can easily download the free version of this font from this page. However, if you plan to use it commercially, you’ll need to purchase a licensed version.

How to Install & Use Gotham Font?

Using and installing this font is straightforward, simply follow the simple instructions provided with the file.


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