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Gient Font is a great script font for those who are looking for a unique and stylish font. This font Design is perfect for any creative project. It is available in both TTF and OTF formats.

This font glyph is available in uppercase, lowercase, and web fonts. There are also over 100 languages supported by this font. This font style has been created by Gientype, which is a font design company from the Netherlands.

The name ‘Gient’ is a combination of the Dutch words for ‘giant’ and ‘type’. The Font has been used by many companies and organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union. If you want to compare this typeface style with pangolin font then it would be the best combination for you.


This font is also commonly used on Websites, Logos, Banners, Headlines, Print projects, and more. You can download this font for free from many websites. You can download this font for free from many websites. After downloading, you need to install the font on your computer to be able to use it.

It is also good for pairing functions and if you need a more stylish look to your modern designs then use this typeface with the combination of ed gothic font. While checking out its online generator tool feature for the best performance of getting the typeface style without any downloading.

This font style is largely useable in the industry due to its copy-paste and pairing function. If you want to use this font for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a license from the font designer.

Gient Font View

Gient Font

License Information

This is free for only personal usage font. If the users wish to use this font for their business or any kind of commercial purpose, he/she will have to buy its commercial license first.

Similars of Gient Font

  • Topic Font
  • FatCow Font
  • Yolanda Font
  • Steel Tongs Font
  • Steelfish Font
  • SteelTongs Font

Family of Gient Font

  • Regular
  • Italic
  • Swash
  • Swash Italic


What font looks good with Gient?

Pairing fonts can be a tough task, but luckily there are some great tools out there to help. Try using a font pairing tool like Canva to find the perfect match for your project.

Is Gient a Microsoft font?

No, Gient is not a Microsoft font. It is a custom font that was created by a font design company.

Can I use Gient font on my website?

Yes, you can use Gient font on your website. Just make sure to purchase a license if you plan on using it for commercial purposes.

Can I use Gient on my Poster?

Yes, The Font can be used on Posters. The font’s regular weights can be used on posters. If you want to use the font for commercial purposes, please purchase a license from the original author.

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