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Restu Font

Restu Font Free Download

Restu Font is a script typeface that was crafted by Raya Solasia, an Indonesian-type designer, based on the traditional Javanese script utilized in ancient times to write the Kawi language. The main goal of this font is to offer a contemporary and elegant way to write the Japanese language, thus making it more accessible to …

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Picasa Font

Picasa Font Free Download

Google released Picasa Font in 2004, which is a proprietary script typeface family specifically designed for web use. The font was named after the photo-sharing website, Picasa. Doug Stevenson led Google’s font team in creating this font, which comes in two weights: regular and bold. Google has extensively used this font on the Picasa website …

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Maghrib Font

Maghrib Font Free Download

The Maghrib Font boasts a range of distinctive features. Its name, meaning “west” in Arabic, reflects its prevalence in Maghribi countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The font’s defining characteristics include its flat, wide strokes and straightforward shapes, which were designed to ensure legibility even when written quickly. Originally crafted by Moroccan calligrapher Muhammad …

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Yolan Font Free Download

Yolan Font, a beautiful and stylish script typeface, was initially designed by FadeLine. The font’s overall look is sweet, elegant, and sophisticated, making it ideal for use in a variety of design projects. One of the font’s most significant advantages is its vast character set, which includes over 100 characters such as numerals, punctuation, icons, …

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Forever Font Free Download

Forever font is a popular script font designed by the British type designer, Michael Adkins. It is a cursive, handwritten typeface that exudes elegance and sophistication. This font is perfect for use in wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other formal occasions. The font features connecting letterforms that create a smooth and flowing script that looks …

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Allura Font Free Download

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new typeface, named Allura Font, that boasts a beautiful and elegantly handwritten texture. Designed by renowned typeface designer Robert Leuschke, who has created many famous typefaces, Allura Font is set to make its mark in the world of typography. This font comprises a single style, which …

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